I met Brit in early 2011 and she quickly became one of my closest friends. She was down-to-earth, honest and selfless – and her laughter was infectious. At times she would laugh so hard she would snort. She was always hungry but model-thin.

One day Brit tweeted that she had gone to the doctor for a headache, which happened often, but this time they’d admitted her. I checked on her that evening and she made an off-the-cuff remark that she had cancer. I didn’t take it seriously since she had never mentioned it before. When I visited Brit at the hospital I learned that she had been diagnosed with cancer two years prior and she kept it a secret from most. I went to see her on a Wednesday evening and on Friday morning my dear friend lost her battle. Less than a year later, my cousin met the same fate.


In 2012 we decided to launch a FCK CANCER design campaign as this fight is near and dear to the co-founders of Tailored Rebels. Since our launch we’ve created a new cancer awareness design annually and donated a portion of the proceeds to charity.

We're here to help community members with cancer fight their battle – we hope you stand with us and support the cause.

Charity Starts at Home

While we are grateful for large charitable organizations such as Susan G. Komen, American Cancer Society and St. Jude’s, we prefer to donate the proceeds generated by our FCK CANCER campaign to individuals within our community who are fighting the battle. It’s an honor to raise awareness, give financial support and make an immediate impact within our community.